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Following the Snow Leopard

Living in a small western town
shadowed by a mountain
she’s caught up in mundane tasks
grocery shopping, laundry,
social chitchat
but when she lifts her eyes
away from the ordinary
there the mountain
a jagged peak of snow and rock
is still in sunlight
and she knows
that’s where she’s going,
where she must go.
All she has to do
is follow the trail out of town. 


Magical Realism Comes to the Desert

With unexpected rain
in southwest Colorado
near the hamlet of Dove
the mundane gives way to the magical
and there it is
a pink horse
glorious in its pinkness, 
a horse which might once have been white
before it rolled in the red earth
but only might have been, 
one can't ever be sure.









 Trail photo by Jules Lawrence