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Sometime in October

Sometime in October
we'll get together and talk
reminisce about the spring and summer
look at photographs
laugh about our foolishness
mourn the losses.

Sometime in October
when the leaves have fallen
and nature takes a rest
when winter is imminent
we'll get together
and celebrate.


What the Sisters Never Knew

He met her
during the war years
in a New York City dance hall--
fox trot, waltz, rhumba.
He carved her an ivory heart
and suspended it on a chain of gold
and won her heart
then carried her
to a land of hills and streams and fruit trees.

What was it like for her--
three young children
country solitude
and never in those forty years of marriage
a car of her own?
What was it like
to go from being a New York model
to baking cherry pies?